1. Cologne, Germany.
    I’m not sure if we actually played here before. I know we spent a few days here back in 2006, hung out with friends, went to an awful concert, and some great Italian food, but I don’t actually remember if we played. Maybe you can help me remember.

    Soundcheck. Starbucks. Walked around and realized I’d been in the same neighborhood once before and had gelato…tour deja-vu.

    The show was absolutely incredible. German crowds are always fantastic and you could tell these people were super into it and some had been waiting a long time for us to come back. The stage was super dark save for a few colored lights, which lighting people never do, so right off the bat the vibe was great. Add to that a light cloud of smoke from the machine behind us, a hot un-air conditioned room (I LOVE sweaty hot gigs), and a crowd that danced along and sang and there’s not much more one could ask for.

    After show food was a decent falafel (trying to ease off the meat while abroad), and one of the finest non-alcoholic beers I’ve ever had. (Our tour manager Peddy is such a wonderful man, after I asked aloud the other day if anyone makes an N.A. hefeweizen he told me he would get me some in Germany, and lo and behold, as soon as we arrived at the venue he walked in a couple of bottles. Thanks Peddy!).

    We drove to Gelsenkirchen to check into our hotel and at this moment I am writing you from the very same hotel of which I speak. Can you believe it?

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    BAUHAUS ;) loved the psychedelic furs cover. come back soon, pls. nadja
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